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Apologies for being fashionably late again! Was busy passing through four states yesterday (the United States kind, not states of matter or being).

Here is an awesome version of the Harlem Shake, although I'd be nervous to stand as close as the person holding the camera.

Sorry everyone! I was busy all day yesterday, so I'd like to present you with a belated Happy Caturday!

Hey guys - have you ever really, like, looked at a table before? It's like it's moving.

What is this new thing? What is its purpose? What could its purpose be other than to post pictures of kitties?

Does anyone know if we can subscribe to the articles of a particular io9 contributor? Something where we can get an email notification when they post something new? I need to know because reasons.

The Rusty-spotted Cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus) is considered to be the smallest of all cat species. It can be found only in India and Sri Lanka, and each country has its own recognized sub-species. Rusty-spotted Cats grow only up to 19 inches in length, with a proportionally long 12-inch tail, and they weigh up to

Made something new for dinner tonight. It's a Moroccan dish called Harira, and it's a type of soup that Muslims in that region traditionally break their Ramadan fast with. And I can see why, because it tastes amazing! It smells wonderful, too - very fragrant, in a good way. Here's the recipe: